Q. Is TLI Steampunk?

A. Yes and no. While it’s labeled as YA Steampunk, it has many elements of other genres as well. It falls somewhere between Sci-fi and Steampunk with a dose of dystopian elements for good measure. Novels that are more strictly classified as steampunk tend to have more flowery language, period dialect and such. TLI doesn’t. It’s very modern in that respect.

Q. How many books will be in the TLI series?

A. At least four. Possibly five, though it’s hard to know at this point. But we would never draw the story out beyond its limits for the sake of creating a ‘trilogy’. However, we do have plans for a spin-off series in the same world. There are a LOT of amazing characters we want to explore more.

Q. Why does this book have two authors?

A. We knew we wanted to tell the story from two distinct sides. To create a separate and authentic voice for each, we decided to co-author the novels. We both do individual books as well. You can see more about us at our websites:

Sherry Ficklin

Tyler Jolley

Q. Where can I get an Advance Read Copy of TLI?

A. Review ARCS can be requested through our publisher Clean Teen Publishing at info(at)cleanteenpublishing(dot)com.

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