My fellow truth seeker,

You may be wondering what all this is. If you somehow stumbled across this page randomly, please accept my apologies. It must be very confusing for you. Let me explain. I’m Dirrik Stormweather, alchemist, scientist, explorer, and keeper of curiosities. In the course of my travels I have stumbled upon many strange things, but nothing more so then this.

During a trek to Egypt five years ago I witnessed what I believed at first to be a dehydration-driven delusion. Only upon my return to my hotel did I realize what I saw was no mere hallucination. I witnessed a miracle.

Following in the footsteps of Amelia Peabody I had trekked to the Black Pyramid. The day wasn’t particularly hot but I found myself with a canteen that had a hole in the bottom allowing all my water to leak out. There were no tourist amenities at this particular site, so I decided to wander for only a bit before I would turn back. Black Pyramid really is an ominous looking structure, having slumped into a sort of tower after the stone casing blocks were removed, exposing the dark mudbrick core. The entrance had been carefully boarded over. During her visit many years before, Amelia had been thrown inside and trapped there by a criminal looking to loot its treasures. I had no intention of going inside. In her day the structure was unsafe and on the verge of collapse, it was no less so during my trip so many years later.

But I digress.

Just as I turned to leave the wooden panel barring the door flew off in a haze of dust and splinters, as if by a great explosion. I fell to my knees, fully expecting to be confronted by grave robbers. But rather a small group of teenagers stood before me. Two boys and one girl, they were in modern—if not futuristic—clothing one might expect to see in a science fiction movie. They each carried a leather pouch attached to their hip which was no doubt full of priceless relics from the tunnels below. They had no weapons, though the female looked fearsome in a black leather top hat and tall boots. One boy wore a lab coat and white mask across his nose and mouth. The other, the leader judging by his manner, approached me and with a laugh handed me a small card. Then the trio simply vanished into thin air.

The card, my only clue to the identity of these people, was a simple ace of spades playing card.

I devoted the next five years of my life to finding these mysterious travelers and what I discovered is astonishing. Reported sightings of these children—or ones like them—have been reported all around the world for as long as records were kept. I have collected eye witness accounts, grainy photographs, and over a dozen ace of spades cards left around the planet. Thanks to some friends in forensics, I can tell you that the fingerprints on a card discovered in 1842 and a card discovered in 1992 match exactly. How is this possible?

There are many theories. Mine is this.

They are time travelers.

I know it sounds daft, impossible even. But when you see the evidence I have seen and hear the testimonies of people who have witnessed them, there can be no doubt.

From what I can gather there are two groups, factions if you will, who have this ability. One group (that includes the trio I saw pillaging the pyramid) seem to be some sort of bandits. The other group seems to be their enemies. Reports of damage caused by their fights litter police records. Why the groups are at battle, I do not know. I only know this.

They exist.

And so, I created this website to share this truth with the world. Many have called me a mad man, a lunatic. I leave that to you to decide. I suggest you navigate this website and discover the truth for yourself. And whatever else, remain vigilant. You never know when one of them may cross your path.


Dirrik Stormweather